Monday, 20 July 2009

Oops Kelly's Prom!

For some reason blogger didn't show this photo of the very posh Prom version of Kelly! A dress that was made espesh for her too in her fave colour!
I heard she had a great night! (minus the
silver clips that I used to hold the ringlet curls obviously!!)

Catching Up

My, I have sooo much catching up to do! Right here goes back in June I had a little jaunt away for a scrapping weekend with some friends. We were heading off to Bideford in Devon to stayin an old manor house and I had been warned that Helen the
lady that ran this B&B was a fab cook, famous for her puddings, well
I loves me puds, so..............I was
gonna be happy scrapping and puds, who
could resist!!
However the day before was School Prom Day for two special people, Neil's
eldest Son Tom and my Friend Tracey's Daughter Kelly, so I did a do on
Kelly's hair in my ex hair stylist status, and she looked tres glam! Tom looked very dapper too in his Tux!!! They were at different schools but as
GCSE's came to an end around then I guess most schools had them that night! My Son Sam had
chosen not to go to his School Prom but decided not to mention this to me until after the ticket
deadline.................! Apparently it wasn't his scene!! A right of passage I think but then I'm just an OLD, what do I know eh?? I was rather disappointed.
Got to Bideford on the Saturday and the manor house was just frozen in time, amazing really, although a couple of the girls didn't share my enthusiasm and were extremely freaked out, and scared. Although we had a room each 3 of them slept in one room it was hilarious to see them so spooked - I shouldn't have laughed at them but it was one of those moments I wished I had joined the Tena Lady movement!!!!!!! They were thinking their room was haunted by the china dolls around the house!!!!! Anyway I slept great!!
Food was gorgeous, puds first night an amazing layered flaky pastry, mousse and fresh strawberry ensemble, and a monster sized Treacle Sponge a large jug of custard and 2 huge dishes of Devon Clotted Cream! The best Clotted Cream I have ever tasted btw! Wow a little too stuffed to scrap for the first hour after but I managed 6 lay outs between Saturday evening and Sunday Lunch (1pm) that was very good for me!!!!! Sunday Lunch well that was another roast dinner followed by two more puds, Rice Pudding (one I really can't touch!) did taste yum according to the others, and Bread and Butter Pudding along with more custard and bowls full of Clotted Cream. Now if I could have I would have pinched one of those bowls of cream and brought it home, Helen told us where she gets it from so I will be searching the web to see if they deliver, but perhaps not because...................something else that happened recently I did a routine trip to the Health Centre hopped on the scales and nearly passed out with the shock!!!! That's the thing about loving puds and Clotted Cream there is a always a price to pay boo, hoo! Well I am totally and utterly determined to balloon no more!! Gosh I may even join a slimming club!! Why do things that taste so yummy make us fat and diet stuff taste like cardboard I wonder???????
I am thinking that positive thinking would be good so I am closing my eyes and imagining me a curvy size 12 (could require boob job 2 complete this look) and will borrow mum's exercise bike while she's away and rescue my stepper from Incy Wincey and his friends in the garage, to start the new healthy me!!
Back soon with my Cornwall Hols pics, got back last week with webbed feet if you know what I mean?! :-)