Monday, 20 February 2012

Big Changes

Time waits for no-one, and before my last remaining braincells gave up & did a runner, I decided that I would follow the dream, bite the bullet (write loads of cliches here!!) and sign up to become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. Excited!!!!, well that did not cover it! But I will be back very soon with a link to my new fabby, whizzy SU space on the web with lots of projects and classes and workshop info!
I know I always say I'll be back soon, but this time I really do promise!
Now lets get my moon boots on float on down to the floor ................and breathe!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Project Organise

Well this is still ongoing and probably always will be, why is it so difficult to find things...........?
I managed to pick up a lovely wicker basket at my local Charity shop for the bargain sum of £2 and it will look very nice, where to put it! I've been trying to put my shorter lengths of ribbon on these little spools I bought in packs for £1 each pack contained about 10 spools in 3 sizes brilliant value I think! All the small odd pieces that are just a few inches I've tied to the handle of the basket so at least if I can see it I should use it, well that's the theory anyway.

Belinda x

Catch up (again! Ooops!)

I shall make no more promises, for the heart is willing but the brain (and the timescales) are not.
In brief - Olivia had a Royal Wedding street party at her school, it was a lot of fun and as part of the celebrations the children decorated a 3 tier
cake with icing and sweeties fit for the Royal couple (not!)
I dread to imagine the amount of e-numbers this creation contained!!!!!!

We have had two new babies born in May in our street so I have been busy with the makes!
Daisy arrived first at the beginning of the month followed by Marley on May 10th. They are both such gorgeous bubbas, and I can't wait for more cuddles! Here are their cards:

Monday, 11 April 2011

Organisation with Digital files.

Printing Multiple Papers together & Organising Your Digital Papers and Images

In life and crafting I have to put my hands up and admit, I’m not an organised, methodically minded person, and that hampers me with the time I have to craft! If you have the same problem, loads of great stuff you buy and never get to use because you forget about it, or like me can never find it when you need it ‘now!", then perhaps try this method. It was recommended to me by my partner (who isa pretty organised type (groan) and can find his computer stored stuff easily).

You will need photo storage software, we are on Apple Mac here so I am using Aperture but I Photo,………………………. even Picasa (which is free!) is fine. In fact any photo management and printing system should work in the same way, although some functions will differ slightly, then that won’t be a problem.

Create a new folder in your photo storage software and give it a name e.g. PP Fairy Lights Papers. Now leaving your photo software open on screen, bring up your downloads folder and open the PP Fairy Lights folder (or other relevant papers folder) so that the papers or digital images are visible as individual files and drag and drop them into your photo software. They will then appear in your photo programme as a photo would.

Another advantage that I have found with doing this aside from the obvious ability to know where everything is and be much more organised, is that I have way more print options. If like me you struggle with your options as far as lack of control over size and wasting paper and card stock then fear no more. I suspect different photo software will vary, however generally within most applications you will have the choice to print thumbnails / contact sheets and several images to one sheet (set A4 printing for these). You can hold down shift and select multiple ‘photo’ digital papers and select print and choose contact sheet. Within Aperture and IPhoto you can choose the number of rows and columns this controls the size of the images on the sheet, allowing you to print the design scaled down for your smaller projects.

This is a real advantage to digital paper stored this way, when you purchase real designer paper in A4 or perhaps 12x12 format then use small sections the pattern can look too large for the scale of the project, but printed as an image file it can be scaled down or up to fit the smallest or biggest project you require.

Here are some screen shots:

The first one shows printing as a contact sheet and choosing the number of rows and columns then the size of the printed paper can be reduced or increased accordingly. You will see that there is a lot of space around these and they are great for paper piecing or mini cards. If you fancy creating an index that you could file in an A4 binder to help you match up your other supplies, paper pads, promarkers, copics etc then this really will help you see how the papers print out with your own printer inks and paper. I have found that sometimes the colours on my screen do look a tad different once printed, and matching with your supplies becomes a whole lot easier if you have a real life comparison.

The second one shows printing standard but selecting the amount of rows and columns that give you the image sizes you require this in turn creates multiple pictures to a page and are extremely adjustable. Again the pattern is scaled and this makes the paper really great for your smaller cards and projects!

The third shows printing 4 different papers on an A4 sheet, with my options if I chose three 'image papers' they print landscape in 3 bands. Brilliant for larger cards or maybe to decorate a 3D project where you need your DP a tad wider.

Give this a try with some of your digital papers both from a storage/ accessibility point of view and for easier more flexible printing, paper saving and getting the most use from what you buy. I am so glad I did!

Anything unclear pop a comment here and I will try to clarify.

Belinda x

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Pink Petticoat Projects

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Back last year Liz Armstrong owner of Pink Petticoat had a design team call, it was the first one for her company, and I decided to have a bash, as I am a huge fan and have almost every product she designs anyway. I was not successful in my attempts, however it's all experience and I had some very nice feedback from Liz and it encouraged me to use many of the lovely downloads that I have purchased from Liz over the years having been a PP stashaholic (my laptop overfloweth....)

All papers and images used are PP.

Till some time soon......................

Belinda x

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Some cards

Well although it's not two posts in one day they are consecutive so I am improving, well jury is out but............. Here are a few of my friends and families cards made in the last couple of months. I have been out of the habit of taking piccies of my projects with me not blogging as I should have but I have taken lots of pictures of other things, so my photography skills are hopefully getting better as a result.

I had an email from the lovely Kirsty Wiseman a few days ago to let me know she has showcased a project a did a while ago for my friend Sam's wedding. It involved the use of a product called Safmat, made by Letraset. It is a brilliant product, a vinyl type A4 printable surface that you can print at home with digital images, photos, fonts and sentiments then you cut it up peel of the backing and adhere it to almost any surface and it is virtually clear. I am on my second pack and it's really good value too! Check out Kirsty's post here and give Safmat a go if you love to personalise gifts and don't like lining up your alpha stamps it was made for you!!

Yesterday was not the weather we were promised, but while we have the wind around, I guess we have to take what we can get as long as it's not ra*ning (can't say the real word it tempts fate!!). Olivia broke up from school and had her last day until nearly the end of April on Thursday, so we headed for the new Aquarium in Bristol, and it was very good but very expensive!! We went by bus (which she loves and I don't!), now don't get me wrong I'm fine when I'm on the bus it's just that we were passed by approx 2 1/2 million buses while we waited but not the one we needed. After more than an hour waiting at the bus stop opposite where we got off, I decided to check the website on my IPhone only to find that although we got off at the bottom of the hill when we came into Bristol, the route back was totally different and the bus picked up a half mile away at the top of the hill. Arrgghhhhh!! A jog to the top with me carrying a weighty 4 yr old, was good for the diet but I looked purple as I got there and then another 45mins for the bus to finally arrive, we then hit the rush hour and crawled through traffic. After leaving the Aquarium at 3:30 we got home at 6:30 for what would have taken me 15mins in the car! And they wonder why cities are congested with cars???!! Just as well we both had a lovely time and I had a stash of Jaffa Cakes to keep madam going!
Will pop back with some Aquarium photos and all the Mother's day makes!

Belinda x

Friday, 1 April 2011

New Beginnings

Well lets just say that life got in the way of my blogging since urmmgh last time, and draw a line in the sand, and start again shall we?

I arrive here with a new and fresher outlook, almost at my weight loss target 2 1/2 stone lighter, thank you slimming World. I'm happier with me and ready for the next chapter!

Sam my son will be turning 18 later this month ALevel exams round the corner and Olivia who is now 4 1/2 is happily ensconced in her new little school, where she currently attends 3 days a week and is loving every moment of it. Her food issues are improving her friendships are many, she not only loves playing with all the boys now but relishes joining in with the lovely little girls in her class too. We are so very pleased to have made the move with her to this lovely school, it has been wonderful to see her bloom since she arrived there last November, we are very proud parents and with her continuing her education there from September in reception we look forward to happy school days for the foreseeable future.

I will be posting again later to pop on some of the crafty projects that have kept me busy over the time since I was last here, and to share a few pics of the beautiful weddings and portraits we have been lucky to have had the pleasure of taking too. New additions to our friends lives and our family some beautiful little people. A couple of friends with happy additions due very soon so some projects I would like to share as they take shape. New tools I have fallen in love with, and some great bargains that I have found too that I really want to share..............!

if you are still reading I admire your fortitude! as Arnie would say 'I'll be back'......................

Belinda x

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