Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas Fete and a week with the Lurrgy!!!

Well me and my big ideas, I found out last Sunday that I could get a table at a local school Christmas Sale on the 29th and decided that it would be good experience, and a chance to get some feedback on my stuff and maybe make a few pennies too!  
Neil agreed to help out with Livvy more, so as to free me up to get all my ideas to become reality............... that was before Livvy took a nose-dive in the health department  -  again!! Don't know what it is with this 'cold virus' going around, both Livvy and 
me have had it on and off for weeks, I've felt like cr*p too, but she has been real poorly - runny nose, horrid cough, not eating (she's a poor eater anyway!) crying loads! and not sleeping at night - which obviously means I've been hanging!  Not sure why my children never do the lie on the sofa with a blanket kind of ill, just the hanging on my legs rubbing snot into them and crying sort of ill.............!  Neil tried hard with her trying when she was at her least miserable to take her out in the car all bundled up cosy to try to prevent her leech impersonation upon my person!!!  By Thursday evening however he had come down with serious man-flu, so, that was that, leech permanently attached again.  I swear if I have to wipe anymore snot or hear much more coughing I'll book myself into the funny farm. 
Got to the school and  it wasn't a 'Fete' it was to be precise a 'Bazaar', now I wasn't sure what the difference was, but it appeared that there were loads of Tombola, Lucky Dip, Spin the Arrow win a prize kind of things???!!! was ok, my first experience of such so - can't make much of a comparison.  The Lady on the next table seems to do lots of events like these and she was not very busy at all.  As I was late in booking I was also in the room furthest from the entrance, but there were lots of people there, so a good turnout!  
A couple of things that I planned didn't pan out too well  - Didn't get the candles done and  a little lesson learned was never look at things on the net and plan around using them til you see them in real life!  My Ikea mugs that I had planned for 'Snowman Soup' IRL were teeny, tiny!!!!!!!!!  Time for plan B.  Ikea had brill tall patterned paper cups and so these were my plan B. this also made the whole thing cheaper to create & so less expensive for selling!!

Lastly here is a pic of Livvy who during one of her better moments this week decided that this storage box for her toys was a bath!  Aawww bless! 

Friday, 21 November 2008

Snowman Soup

Well I am hanging my head in shame - new to the blogging world and at the point where I should be full of enthusiasm and drive in this new endeavour, and I haven't posted for a week!!!!!!!! 
I have been crafting, but not a huge amount to show for it as most of the cards I made this week were given to recipients straight away and the light has been awful as well as the fact I had forgotten to take pics when the light wasn't so naff.
My OH Neil was in a state of paralysis after his eldest Sophie turned 18 yesterday - he just mumbled constantly 'where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday............!'  I guess that's the definition of feeling old then!  
I did some planning this week for some hand crafted gifts that I am going to make for family and friends this year.  Watched lots of tutorials, bought lots of ingredients to make one of gifts that I'm duplicating for sooooo many people, as I think it's a fab pressie for all sorts of peeps!  I am going to have to to lots of taste testing though cos I've found a site with a recipe for a luxury hot chocolate drink aka 'Snowman Soup', but there are loads of reviewers suggesting different quantities to the original and also little additions that enhance the flavour!!!!! 
So I have sourced the following:
Mugs - Ikea lovely smoked glass come in 4 shades 79p each
Marshmallows - tiny mini ones from Whittards large bag should do 10 mugs £3.50
Luxury Chocolate drink -  Made by Whittards bought in Morrisons on offer saving £1  - £1.99
Mint Chocolate Stirring Sticks - M&S on offer buy one get one half price £2.99 each

There are other ingredients but I'd bought those already.  I have seen this idea on lots of blogs but the Snowman Soup name I must credit to Angie Kennedy Juda (aka chic'n'scratch).  There is a label with a poem on Angie's version, I have used poetic licence on mine so it differs a little.
I will post a picture when these are done!  
As I said there are some other things in the pipeline too.  It's so inspiring when you look at all the ideas out there, and I have to do something to reduce the stockpile of paper and card that I will soon be buried under!!!!! I won't buy anymore honest!!!! (Neil reads my blog now so that's for him!)
I have a great craft area that Neil built for me at the bottom off the lower stairs, next to the utility and garage - so no natural light! (We live in a Town house)  We got some tall narrow Billy bookcases from Ikea and with the rest of the space he cleverly built with matching contiboard shelving and went as high as poss. Great but fairly shallow depth!  The desk also from Ikea was white top with separate tubular legs with wheels.  I really wanted the Alex drawer set to store my 12x12 papers, that I have also seen in many other craft areas on many blogs, but space was tight so...... we found one of the shoe cabinets in white the pull down type with 4 sections and my 12x12 papers are mainly in there with the Christmas ones in a Paper Mania storage case under the desk.
It all looked lovely when I first got everything sorted into my new space, then............... I began my Creative Memories experience and had to fit my tote, tools and stock in the space too!  Big squash!  
My biggest problem at the mo, apart from being a really messy worker is - losing things and I have tried re-organising a few things and that hasn't helped much as now l can't even find the things I used to!!!!  Labeling is the key I'm sure and that's my goal - when I have time!
Will clean up and do photos to share I promise.
I've rambled - sorry, time to stop!
Belinda x

Friday, 14 November 2008

Some New Crimbo Cards (about time!!)

Well I have made a start on some cards, not what you would call traditional though - but I wanted to experiment a little!  
The majority of papers used are the new Pink Petticoat 'Tis the Season' Download.  I can't recommend Liz's downloads enough!  I bought last years and this years and you can mix and match both sets.  This year however Liz has been super clever and created 4 different palettes for the patterned paper, that should suit everyone's taste. The palettes are 'Playful',' Contemporary', 'Victorian', & 'Traditional' and all are stunning, in addition there are all the colours of Liz's usual palette as plain and patterned co-ordinating papers and fab animal image stamps including Owls, Donkeys, Robins to name just a few, maybe you can tell I am a huge fan??????? A few scalloped edges cut with scallop edge scissors - not easy as they seem to rip as much as cut!!!  Some ribbon from various places, though the red with white stitching was bought at John Lewis this week from their Christmas dept designed for gift wrapping 3yrds on a card with 3 yrds of red pom,poms on a cord, that will be used really soon all for £1.99.
Have been jazzing up some chipboard while Livvy napped this afternoon, so hope to use this asap!  Also I've been planning some gifts that I've been doing my  best magpie collecting for - will post these as I make them.
There is sooooooo much inspiration out there in Blogland and I am so excited about joining such a caring and idea sharing group from all four corners of the Globe.  I have been particularly inspired by Chic 'n' scratch what a clever lady!  and  Dawns stamping thoughts she too is amazing, creative and very generous sharing all she does! These two ladies have so many wonderful ideas that I would take  forever to try them all!!
Belinda x

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

More from the Workshop

No favouritism honestly!, here are a couple of other great LO's from Saturday these are by Kirstin and Jodie and both 12x12. I am hoping to pop all the LO's from Saturday on my Creative Memories Blog over the next few days.  History of these LO's  -  Jodie has just returned from a trip to Cyprus where she got Married and it was the most beautiful ceremony and she looked amazing, as did little Hollie her gorgeous little girl.  Jodie's projects at the moment involve making pages of her recent Holiday snaps!  Kirstin's current LO's are Family photos that she has had a while, including a few before her 3rd child Riley (now one) was born.  She was having a feeling of guilt adding titles to her page involving My Family etc as Riley wasn't there, so we came up with a logo using the initials B R  - Before Riley!!!!! well if BC works then why not!!!!! Her journalling explained the logo - it worked really well!

Workshop News!

Well.....................!  I enjoyed my first one, and it wasn't stressful, mind you would have been a tad easier without the stinker of a headache that I woke up with!
Lower numbers than I had hoped for, with one of my expecteds working later than she'd hoped and not making it and another who was having a Memorial for her Husband the following day and had got behind after taking loads of phone calls from friends and relatives on Saturday morning. Both totally understandable!
Anyway we had a bit more space and with one very messy scrapper on board ( no not me I wasn't scrapping with them!!) no names you know who you are Kirstin............whoops it slipped out!!, the largish table was full with stash and off they went.
I offered 2 tutorials and ended up switching them around as it seemed more sensible to do the one about using sketches and templates first.  After we'd gone through the principles and uses then Anne (Kirstin's Mum), did an amazing LO with photos of a Cathedral she had recently visited and as she is working in an 8X8 format for her current album, one of the sketches was perfect for the photos she had with her. This LO for me was one of the best of the day!  She also made full use of what she had learned in Tutorial 2 with the adding of journalling around her photo matt and some creative doodling to set the whole thing off -  it was truly beautiful!!!
The original sketch was from Scrapbook Inspirations, I love that mag so badly I have 'had' to subscribe and with me being bargain hunter extraordinaire got an offer for my first three for £3 - yes that's £1 each woo hoo!! 
If you have a family member that you are stuck for a Chrissie Pressie for,  Magazine Subscriptions make brilliant gifts - imagine a pressie every month not just on the 25th December, how brill.
Belinda x

Friday, 7 November 2008

My First Workshop!

I am busy getting ready for my first workshop tomorrow afternoon that I'm holding at my house for my Creative Memories customers.  Goodie bags to prepare, handouts to print and samples to finish! I must say I am really looking forward to it though.
I have a small group coming as I didn't want to be overwhelmed first time around.  I started with CM in the beginning of June this year and the format for their parties is 'class based' , the Hostess gets together 5 or 6 friends who each bring 5 or 6 photos and I (being the consultant woo hoo!!) help them make their first Scrapbook page.  First ever 'Class' and I had 9 ladies including the Hostess Arghhhhhhh helpppppp!! It was chaotic but fun, I made mistakes but hey, that's how we learn!
Now we are talking very basic stuff here, which for some of the ladies is all they require, others are a little more creative and want to adapt and develop their own style.  This is where the Workshops come in. This Workshop I will have 2 tutorials available if the ladies wish to join me at the tutorial table (in the lounge)  if not they can beaver on in their own way in the crop room (my kitchen).  The tutorials are 1. Doodles for your pages and 2. Inspiration with Sketches.
There will be a tool table somewhere!!!! -  as you can see this a work in progress!  CM tools are my favourites in Scrapbooking terms.  I love their cutting system it's the best I have and I have many..............!  I have bought several and until I got my CM starter kit I believed that cutting perfect circles was pretty much hit and miss!  The company has just introduced another set of templates Circles and Rectangles and these are my next purchase for my tool kit for definate!!!
The 12" Wavy cutting tool with 2 waves,  a fab Tearing tool a lovely Tag maker I had to have them all obviously.  Commission spent and Craft Room full I am awaiting what will hopefully be a great afternoon - the first of many!!
I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them to show what we did, and I will update on whether my optimism was misplaced !!
Belinda x

Monday, 3 November 2008

Another Baby Card

Well I did say I loved these Stamps.  I have included a piccie of these stamps on this post and I ordered mine from 'Capture the Magic' excellent service from these guys they arrived in a flash, as I am not the most patient when I have wanted them for ever...........I was really happy!  They came on an A4 poly sheet all ready to whole punch and pop in my folder so double fab!  Did this card last night and I was so pleased with it, it's one of my all time favourites!!  I used a patchwork idea that I have used before but this time instead of using all squares (punched using HobbyCraft punch, various papers) I did some pieces that are double size of the square and added these in. I can't take the credit for this idea as I've seen it several times before, but I love the effect.  I then did various doodle stitches, used my baby vest stamp (again!!) on some patterned paper from a 'Paper Cellar' paper pad, cut out and placed this with foam pads on a punched black circle. Doodled white dots and a white ribbon and sentiment and Voila.......!
The second thing to show is the first attempt at using my Bind It All.  I did this a few months ago and again the BIA was a must have purchase for me, I do love it, but I am very naughty and haven't used it since.  Mental note...........again blow off the cobwebs and get cracking with the BIA nowwwww!!!  Used K and Co paper pad Hannah Stamp and Papermania flower.
One last piccie on an older post I mentioned some fab paper in various colour palettes from a local value store here is the red colour way and so cheap under a pound, double sided and white core.  I use them often as a paper pierced border, I used the beige this way on my other vest card on my last post with white gel pen stitches to good effect I think!