Thursday, 18 June 2009

Back so soon....

Gosh don't pass out with the shock, but.........I had another card that I forgot to upload yesterday, shame as I love this one, even though I say so myself!!

Just wanted to mention that as A Creative Memories Consultant I, along with all the other UK (and International) Consultants have adopted the Make a Wish Foundation as our Charity for this year. What a fabulous Charity it is, they do amazing work and grant so many dreams come true to seriously ill children. I cannot read a single one of these amazing granted wishes with out a box of tissues at hand. They make a huge difference to Children and their Families at difficult times, when life can offer little or no fun and very little to look forward to they offer a fulfillment of a dream come true, some magic, I believe that every child deserves to have that especially when they have to endure such difficult obstacles. I would love to see a day when there isn't a selection process, but where every wish that is made by a 'Life Limited' child can have that wish granted, and most importantly it happens before it as too late!
Creative Memories is a perfect partner for Make a Wish, after all the albums we make are to tell our stories, to record our memories, and to make these memories last for ever. For some of the Parents of these children memories will be all they have in the future, but what perfect memories recorded forever of their precious Child's dream come true!!!!!!
You can visit the Make a Wish Site here, have the tissues ready, but, you it will I'm sure make you think about how important it is to record those events big or small in your Families too.
On that point I just wanted to share an email I received on Monday from my Leader in CM

Hi team,

I am writing to let you all know some difficult news. Sue, who many of you know, has a team in Abingdon and one of her team was a lovely lady called Kate. She has attended workshops in Bath and has been on 2 of my album weekends as well as being part of the workshops in Oxfordshire.

Tragically Kate died very suddenly last Sunday, suffering an annurism and of course this has been an incredible shock to all who knew her. Kate was always chatty and friendly and one of those people who would do anything for anyone. We will miss her dreadfully. She leaves behind twin girls of 9 and Sue has already spent time with them. She will have the immense privilege of working on albums with the girls in time ahead.

Kate is an inspiration to us all in that amazingly, she was up to date with her albums and so the reality of albums that last a lifetime, full of Kate's recording of times together and how she felt about her girls, are there for them....That is the power of what we do.

So please can Kate be an inspiration to you this week. Let us not be Consultants for the income we earn or for the flexibiltiy of our work, but because we never know who we may meet who needs albums like Kate's girls do now. I for one, will be on the phone this week to Customers to encourage them to complete albums, hold parties and of course I am making time to do more in my own children's albums, in honour of her.

Be inspired this week and remember, what we do makes a difference.

Belinda x

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