Monday, 14 September 2009

A Dead Mac

What is the worst thing that can happen to you? You are lucky enough to own a lovely little Macbook, white, shiny and all around fun to use. Now I wasn't always a fan, but I became converted to the Mac-side with a little time and patience and will never again return to the Microsoft - side! Anyway one evening you are playing oops I mean working on the said lovely white machine balanced elegantly on the arm of your leather armchair, when the magnetic catch gives way on the cabinet door above you bashes the top of said beautiful white workhorse, and also takes the large cup of lovely earl grey over carpet and splashy liquid into lovely shiny white machine! Aaaaarrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!
She is no more, she served me so well, I miss her dreadfully, I truly did love her in a needy sort of a way! The Mac repair man said we would need to replace her logic board to possibly get her to work again, but we called it, she had suffered enough!
Thank heaven for our House policy, and I now have a replacement, a Mac but not white & shiny, but matt silver. In time I will hopefully love her as much as my little shiny white one, I am warming to her already!
I am just so pleased that I am back live again!!!
Did do some Digi Stamp purchasing (used the IMac) and made this card with one of them.
Belinda x

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