Friday, 27 May 2011

Project Organise

Well this is still ongoing and probably always will be, why is it so difficult to find things...........?
I managed to pick up a lovely wicker basket at my local Charity shop for the bargain sum of £2 and it will look very nice, where to put it! I've been trying to put my shorter lengths of ribbon on these little spools I bought in packs for £1 each pack contained about 10 spools in 3 sizes brilliant value I think! All the small odd pieces that are just a few inches I've tied to the handle of the basket so at least if I can see it I should use it, well that's the theory anyway.

Belinda x


cbuswell said...

I love your little spools, I use the old style clothes pegs for my ribbon in a big glass jar!
I hope your little girl isn't getting too tired with her longer days!
It's nice to hear you were in Athea, most people have never heard of it! It is a great little village and there's a great community spirit.

MaryH said...

Good luck in your new venture. Love this basket you've scored to hold your bits of ribbon spools. Good for you at trying to get organized. I manage to move this thing to that spot, and can't remember where I put it! TFS & thanks for your visit too. Hugs