Thursday, 4 December 2008

Here we go again!

Well I am doing another Christmas Fair on Saturday, so busy, busy, busy again...........  This time i've got some candles too, I did one for the first time last Christmas and I was fairly pleased with it, so..... I thought I'd go for it and purchased some nice candles on my visit to Ikea last week.  I have stamped the images and am in the process of adding colour and glitter and will attach with the heat-gun once Livvy is in bed this evening.  Neil is out for dinner with some old work colleagues tonight so it'll be go, go, go! (sounds like a rocket launch or something!!!!!!!)
I am soooooo behind with the Crimbo gift shopping this year, though this is nothing new, however, we had agreed that this year we would be more organised and get it all done much earlier - That was before we got the horrible buggy thing that lasts..........forever!!
My eldest Sam has his GCSE mocks starting next week so it's a bit of a war zone here, me expecting a tad more effort in the revision and research area, him thinking more xbox 360 than education argghhhhh!!!  Maybe I should just refuse to feed him unless he works harder (he has an appetite!) - would that be evidence of child cruelty and be likely to involve a call to Childline, and a possible holiday at the pleasure of Her Majesty??!!  Could this mean I won't have to cook Christmas lunch this year............. ummm let me weigh this up!!!!!!
Belinda x


Kate Lewis said...

Good luck with the fair Belinda - I have one too, just hope people want to buy stuff after all this hard work! Kate x

Kate Lewis said...

Glad they arrive ok - have fun with them!! I've done a few journals, some notelets, reindeer food, wooden hanging hearts and hanging trees filled with chocs....phew! good luck with yours! K xx