Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas Fete and a week with the Lurrgy!!!

Well me and my big ideas, I found out last Sunday that I could get a table at a local school Christmas Sale on the 29th and decided that it would be good experience, and a chance to get some feedback on my stuff and maybe make a few pennies too!  
Neil agreed to help out with Livvy more, so as to free me up to get all my ideas to become reality............... that was before Livvy took a nose-dive in the health department  -  again!! Don't know what it is with this 'cold virus' going around, both Livvy and 
me have had it on and off for weeks, I've felt like cr*p too, but she has been real poorly - runny nose, horrid cough, not eating (she's a poor eater anyway!) crying loads! and not sleeping at night - which obviously means I've been hanging!  Not sure why my children never do the lie on the sofa with a blanket kind of ill, just the hanging on my legs rubbing snot into them and crying sort of ill.............!  Neil tried hard with her trying when she was at her least miserable to take her out in the car all bundled up cosy to try to prevent her leech impersonation upon my person!!!  By Thursday evening however he had come down with serious man-flu, so, that was that, leech permanently attached again.  I swear if I have to wipe anymore snot or hear much more coughing I'll book myself into the funny farm. 
Got to the school and  it wasn't a 'Fete' it was to be precise a 'Bazaar', now I wasn't sure what the difference was, but it appeared that there were loads of Tombola, Lucky Dip, Spin the Arrow win a prize kind of things???!!! was ok, my first experience of such so - can't make much of a comparison.  The Lady on the next table seems to do lots of events like these and she was not very busy at all.  As I was late in booking I was also in the room furthest from the entrance, but there were lots of people there, so a good turnout!  
A couple of things that I planned didn't pan out too well  - Didn't get the candles done and  a little lesson learned was never look at things on the net and plan around using them til you see them in real life!  My Ikea mugs that I had planned for 'Snowman Soup' IRL were teeny, tiny!!!!!!!!!  Time for plan B.  Ikea had brill tall patterned paper cups and so these were my plan B. this also made the whole thing cheaper to create & so less expensive for selling!!

Lastly here is a pic of Livvy who during one of her better moments this week decided that this storage box for her toys was a bath!  Aawww bless! 


Poppy said...

hope your all feeling much better now, your stall looked good and Livvy looks like butter wouldn't melt and not a bit of snot in sight

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Wow Belinda! What an array of goodies! This looks fab, hope you had a great time. I'm popping your images in the post tomorrow so you should get them later this week. I'm soooo sorry for the wait, a thousand apologies. My life has been so manic recently! Can't see it getting any better soon. Hugs, Lainy xxx