Saturday, 2 April 2011

Some cards

Well although it's not two posts in one day they are consecutive so I am improving, well jury is out but............. Here are a few of my friends and families cards made in the last couple of months. I have been out of the habit of taking piccies of my projects with me not blogging as I should have but I have taken lots of pictures of other things, so my photography skills are hopefully getting better as a result.

I had an email from the lovely Kirsty Wiseman a few days ago to let me know she has showcased a project a did a while ago for my friend Sam's wedding. It involved the use of a product called Safmat, made by Letraset. It is a brilliant product, a vinyl type A4 printable surface that you can print at home with digital images, photos, fonts and sentiments then you cut it up peel of the backing and adhere it to almost any surface and it is virtually clear. I am on my second pack and it's really good value too! Check out Kirsty's post here and give Safmat a go if you love to personalise gifts and don't like lining up your alpha stamps it was made for you!!

Yesterday was not the weather we were promised, but while we have the wind around, I guess we have to take what we can get as long as it's not ra*ning (can't say the real word it tempts fate!!). Olivia broke up from school and had her last day until nearly the end of April on Thursday, so we headed for the new Aquarium in Bristol, and it was very good but very expensive!! We went by bus (which she loves and I don't!), now don't get me wrong I'm fine when I'm on the bus it's just that we were passed by approx 2 1/2 million buses while we waited but not the one we needed. After more than an hour waiting at the bus stop opposite where we got off, I decided to check the website on my IPhone only to find that although we got off at the bottom of the hill when we came into Bristol, the route back was totally different and the bus picked up a half mile away at the top of the hill. Arrgghhhhh!! A jog to the top with me carrying a weighty 4 yr old, was good for the diet but I looked purple as I got there and then another 45mins for the bus to finally arrive, we then hit the rush hour and crawled through traffic. After leaving the Aquarium at 3:30 we got home at 6:30 for what would have taken me 15mins in the car! And they wonder why cities are congested with cars???!! Just as well we both had a lovely time and I had a stash of Jaffa Cakes to keep madam going!
Will pop back with some Aquarium photos and all the Mother's day makes!

Belinda x

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