Sunday, 8 February 2009

The obligatory 'Snowshow'

Well it just had to be done here are some of our snow pics from recent days!  I haven't got the most recent ones yet and there are few funny ones I might add, as long as everyone isn't totally fed up with looking at snowy pictures - perhaps I may leave them until we are basking in hot sunshine in a few months, then we can reminisce!!!!!!!!
Those local to Bristol should recognise the big yellow house in the background of one of these. 
As for the snowman here they just found him out by himself, Livvy was having a little chat with him, and asking him where he got his haircut!! 
My son Sam is pulling Livvy on the sledge, his school closed  on Thursday and Friday, but as he gets the public bus there and they weren't running he wouldn't have made it in anyway!  Big smiles all round.  Our snowfall after this was a fair bit heavier.
Oh and as I have gone over 1,000 hits woo hoo!, I am sorting some 'candy' that will be my next post, hopefully later today!
Belinda x


Lainy's Little Blog said...

Great pics. Looks like you are having great fun. We got some snow last night but not enough to get a day off work unfortunately. Typical! Hope you are well. Hugs, Lainy xxx

Poppy said...

looks like fun..

clare said...

what lovely pics..looks like your kids were enjoying the two was..a total of 6days off school..and now a week off for half

i recongnise that yellow building..ive seen it off the motorway..when i went to bristol with hubby for his motorbike test i think the place was called hanbrook..and he past.
TFS hugs clarexx