Monday, 2 February 2009

Some of my storage to share!

Just thought I might share a few piccies of my storage for my 12x12 papers as I had no room for racks that store horizontal and no depth to store vertically, I had the idea of a shoe cabinet! The doors tilt down and as each pull down section would hold 2 pairs of shoes then I assumed - correctly that this would work. Mine has 4 door, I bought it from IKEA in the bargain
section and as it was ex-display got it for £25 which I thought was great. It works so well for me.  
For my wood mounted stamps, I began storing these in plastic see-through boxes a while ago but ran out of the ones I was buying and left the remainder in a drawer, but when Neil built me this craft space I found similar boxes on an office supplies web-site and got as many as I  could fit on my shelves.  They are stored by theme and fairly easy to see and to find!

It's been only a small flurry of snow here, but we really made the most of it today, out on the sledge with Livvy.  We've had it for about 4 years and finally it got a proper use!  Is it me or does the snow bring out the boy in men......... but Neil was like the biggest kid trying to find the best slope to 'test' the sledge for us.  We started to make a smallish snowman, but as I was working on the head and Neil was in charge of body, it was clear to see that men are not the best and most practical of snowman builders! Well at least my man isn't, his bit broke up several times and on his third attempt, with something just slightly larger than your 10 year olds average snowball it was suggested that our snowman should become micro mini and I should have a promotion to body builder ( not pumping iron kind............!) so small body and tiny head - Livvy contemplated our creation and announced 'like a dog! - woof! woof!'  So it seems today we created our first snow dog!!
Belinda x

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Enfys said...

Hilarious snow story. Love your storage ideas. Do you know what I had to do with my 12 x 12 papers? Cut 1" off the side, so they are now 12 x 11 papers, so that they will fit into the unit I bought. Yes, it was me on ebay, your punch is in the mail, should have got to you today actually, the posties must be behind because of the snow.