Tuesday, 10 March 2009

My Craft Space (it's messy but it's mine!)

Ok the thing is we live in a town house so lots of stairs, get the picture! I am at the very bottom, next to the utility and by the garage, so it's pretty chilly at this time of year!  No natural light!
The whole space is about 6ft x 7ft and as explained has 2 doors that open inward (utility & garage)!  I have my shoe cabinet at the foot of the stairs on the right as you go up its really shallow so keeps the stairs free to climb easily!  Along the same wall Billy bookcases from Ikea there is the soil stack in that corner so they are level with that and then shelving begins again facing the stairs, but my clever man built along the widest part himself giving me wider areas using Contiboard in an off white the same colour as my Billys.  The thing that I was most grateful for was that he was able to make an A4 paper rack for me, which I know was a bit of a 'mare' for him, but I knew what I wanted and drew a little sketch and bless him he did it.  I haven't painted it yet I do have a spray can for it to match the other white units.  Now he is great don't get me wrong but he does love buying power tools from B&Q that cost a fair bit and he has the proper kit and has had for a couple of years so................I was just helping him get some use out of them if you think about it!!! Oh and a chance to practice too!
My desk was Ikea too and was the type that comes with different types of legs available we chose the type with wheels that are lockable.  Shelves, rails, jars all from Ikea. I am very lucky to have this space and I love it just need more time to spend there!!
I am so lucky I can leave my house and be in Ikea within 5minutes, it's just down the road!! Lovely meatballs - some times it's worth popping in just for those!!!!!
Belinda x


KimB said...

HI Belinds,

mess is definately creative! I always have to tidy my stuff back into a cupboard in the kitchen but what ever I'm currently working on gets left on top.

I just wanted to say thank you for your support and pass on a blog award I recieved.


Emma said...

Hiya Belinda....found ya and I am now stalking you!!! Lol
So lovely to meet you on Saturday, wished we had more time.
What a crafting space...looks fantastic.
Emma x

Mary said...

I don't think it is a mess at all.... it is just well loved.