Saturday, 28 March 2009

Excuses, Excuses!

I am seriously bad at this malarky - keeping plates spinning is definitely not my forte! 
Life is pretty hectic here at 'Stoke Park Towers', I am currently working on sample layouts, cards & papercrafts for the Creative Memories annual Roadshow held in Leicester mid April.  I am doing demo's to the consultants for an hour during the lunch-time period, and I'm bricking it!!!!!
Livvy has been really off-colour and has had a cough that is preventing her napping and interrupting her both getting to sleep and staying asleep argghhhhh!  These things are always ill-timed don't you think?!

Anyway I will share a couple of the samples and will probably be AWOL a fair bit, but will try to drop by briefly when I can!!!!!

Surreal moment yesterday morning, picture me (maybe not!) in the kitchen in my pj's bout 9:20 am (I had been up since 6:50 am!) phone rings I answer it - Voice other end says 'Hi is that Belinda?' I confirmed it wer me!  'It's Kirsty Wiseman here'  well at this point if you are still picturing me, I looked really weird, chin on floor, rest of me on the ceiling!
Turns out I had been the first peeps to go to Kirsty's little tab to buy her fabbaroonie Patti Pickleishious CD and she had called me to say how excited she was and that I was first!!!!!! Yeah!! Crazy eh?!  I was so chuffed and she was so lovely!!!!
Belinda x

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