Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Sleepover!

Last night I went out to celebrate my Friends Debbie's 40th Birthday. Will post Debbie's card after Monday as thats when she'll see it! It commenced with a train journey - not far just to Weston-Super-Mare and I got to disappear from home by staying at Debbie's yay I escaped!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to Bottelinos which is a chain of Italian Restaurants around Bristol/Bath/North Somerset. Great night, great company yummy food. Their Lasagne is just delicious!!!!! I left my camera at home, but Debbie had a polaroid disposable one (not sure how they will look but...............??) I am hoping to do something with them. I stole the camera and snapped away all evening and then threw it in my bag promising Debbie I will get two sets printed and will post her a set asap!!! As mostly all of my scrapbooking has been from Digital piccies that I have been able to tweak and play with, it may be a challenge for me to do something with them, but hey a challenge won't do me any harm!!
Candy went off last week and is winging it's way across the pond. I took another photo of a mini album and a card and images that went in the box along with something edible - an absolute must!!
Jack my other Nephew turned 10 this week, he is such a lovely boy! He is super, duper at Martial Arts and is not far from being a Black Belt, he's a great Liverpool FC fan and he is so gentle and loving with Livvy it brings a tear to me. We had two cards for Jack one from Sam & Livvy one from Neil & I.
Belinda x

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