Sunday, 12 April 2009

Little Donkey, Little Donkey (can I have a ride?)

What a gorgeous day it was today here in the West Country!  Neil, Livvy and me had a trip out this afternoon, and joined the many others in sunny Clevedon.  As soon as we had parked the car and jumped out, Livvy spotted Donkeys and decided she would like to have a ride.  She really is not the bravest child so somewhat surprised we said yes and headed towards them expecting her to change her mind when she got close - but she wasn't put off, climbed aboard a friendly brown donkey called Ben, and waited patiently for the other children to climb aboard their donkeys.  Off she went stroking Ben as she went.  She did wobble loads on Ben's back as she informed me 'Mummy I'm all wobbly on Ben!!!!' I asked if she liked being wobbly and she shouted back 'I'm having fun'.  This is her reply to anything that she doesn't want to stop doing, generally at bedtime when I say come on sweetie time for bed her usual reply ' But Mummy I'm having fun!'. The donkey ride was closely followed by a ride on the little red train that circles the field just by the sea wall.

We walked to the beautifully restored Clevedon Pier and decided to partake in a cake and coffee en route.  The pier was fascinating to Livvy who thought in order to look through the boards to see the water below, it was necessary to lie down on the floor and peep through the planks, much to the amusement of everyone else walking past her!!  
She truly is a one off - quite crazy!!!!
A lovely afternoon!
Belinda x


clare said... really sounds like you all had a great day out esp livvy on the sweet.
we had a great day after down a welsh and yep..jake did go down underground and really enjoyed it.took loads of pic's will upload them later.
hope you have a lovely day and that the weather is good for you..its totaly gorgeous here again today not a cloud in the sky.
hugs to you all clare xx

clare said...

me again hun...the weather is back to welsh weather her today thinking that was our summer we had on the

anyway..pop over to my blog..there's award for you on there hun..hope you like hugs clare xx
chat soon xx
p.s pic's of big pit on there for you as well x