Thursday, 2 April 2009

OMG I am in awe!!!!!!!!!!

Well, after talking to none other than Kirsty Wiseman last week on the blower (telephone!), I received Patti Picklicious and a lovely set of Doodlebug Baby stamps (I have wanted them for ever), from the uber talented Mrs Wiseman and can I just take a moment to!
Now I do like my downloads and I have a lot, but they are mainly soft pastel, or light colours - great, but sometimes you need some Zing if you know what I mean?!  Zing, ting, ting, Patti is soooooo full of fab pattern and colour!  There are image stamps, titles and sentiments too, at £15 incl post it's amazing value.  
Hey maybe now we are on speaking terms I should be asking for commission?!  

Big plug from me though, because if you love colour and you like something different you will love it too!!   Find Kirsty's Patti CD Blog here

I made this card as soon as I got it and that wasn't easy as I am a bit snowed under as I mentioned before, but, I was itching to get going with it so.............!
I used the 'Choc Fudge Sundae' papers from the CD and the baby carriage from the Doodlebug stamps.  paper pieced and I shrank the papers cos I fancied making a tiny card (loving mini cards at the mo!). to make the image smaller (I'm on Mac BTW) I opened the image in Preview (the Mac image browser) chose print and then selected to print more than 1 image on my A4 page, as I hate to waste paper & card I chose 4 to a page as I know I'll use it all, I love it so!  Did the same with both papers, to make a mini version!

I was so chuffed when I emailed it to Kirsty & she asked if she could pop it on her Patti Blog!!!

It is there in all it's glory and I am all warm and glowy inside!!!  I may be a wee bit of a saddo?! I'll let you decide!
Belinda x


Chris said...

A beautiful card and the papers are gorgeous, I agree! The baby stamps and your lovely design too. Chris x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

oh you did such a super duper job my sweet "first to buy the CD" friend xx

Dolly said...

Gorgeous card - well done on the post on Kirsty's Patti blog! I must say I'm tempted to buy the CD...
Thanks for the tip on shrinking the images x

Lindy-Loo crafts said...

Congratulations Belinda. I've found you too:) Lynne