Thursday, 23 April 2009

Roadshow Demo Day come 'n' gone!

Well, the day arrived and it was great day!  Everything went very well on Saturday in Leicester, and my nerves stayed in check, hands didn't shake too much and I didn't lose any fingers!!!
The only thing that could have been better was that I could have had a slow motion button as the 15 minutes for each demo whizzed so fast and I wasn't able to show as much as I would of liked with regard the decoration of the items made, but there were finished samples so...............!
The 15 minutes diminished more because after each session Consultants hung around asking stuff and taking photos of all my samples - this really ate into the next 15 min session!! But it was lovely that they liked the stuff and wanted to chat about what I was doing, so not a bad problem really!!   I had a visit at the end from the main speaker of the Conference  to tell everyone to get their butts back into the Lecture Theatre for the rest of the show - whoops!!
The  demos I did were ' CD case'(inspired by the Scor-Pal project guide) , 'Photo Wallet Card'  ( adapted from the little stamped image wallets we all know and love, size adjusted to take photos) and ' Photo Squash Box' (Adapted from an 'explosion box' by the fab Dawn Griffiths) they were all well received, especially the little box. 
Feedback on the day was really fab, and I was so pleased, but I did not anticipate my name appearing on the Conference evaluation form.  So it appears I will be!! I did have a bit of a shock as I thought when I agreed to do the demonstration that it would be as it was last year, several people in a room doing their 'thing' while the Consultants all milled around............uh, nope -new format!!  2 people demoing, each in a separate seminar room and 50 people at a time in four sessions coming in sitting down and hanging on my every word - well sort of !!!!
Not sure if I knew that I would be on the evaluation form I would have maybe been a little more organised with my delivery as I went for the chatty relaxed style I would use at a class or shopping party! Wish I had been told all this before, but you live and learn!!

I normally hold my Workshops on Friday Evenings monthly, but due to Easter and my Son Sam's Birthday falling on a Friday it was a little tricky so I moved it to a Saturday (this wkend 25th) Afternoon 2-5pm so if there is anyone out there that lives near to Bristol and would like to come, I would love to see you!!  We are very close to the Mall at Cribbs Causeway, so you could shop til you drop in the morning and Scrap til you drop in the afternoon!!!!!  It is a Creative Memories Workshop, but there is absolutely NO restriction on what you bring and use at my Workshops!!  All my tools are available to use for the session, and I have a Canon Selphy Printer and Bigshot that will be there also!!  There is a £5 workshop fee that includes Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate and choccy (-very important) biccies  I do have a small stock of CM papers Albums, Pages & Protectors that you can rifle through if you so wish!!
Having read on Forums and Blogs there seems to be a bit of confusion and many misconceptions regarding Creative Memories, the image is that there is  a lot of restriction at events and that it's all a bit old fashioned and rigid, it could be your opportunity to have a look at the stuff use the tools check out the difference in the Albums and make your own mind up?! There really, really  is no hard sell- it is really not my thing!!!  If you are interested in more info about CM or want to find out about Saturday (venue etc) you can email me at
Belinda x

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