Friday, 21 November 2008

Snowman Soup

Well I am hanging my head in shame - new to the blogging world and at the point where I should be full of enthusiasm and drive in this new endeavour, and I haven't posted for a week!!!!!!!! 
I have been crafting, but not a huge amount to show for it as most of the cards I made this week were given to recipients straight away and the light has been awful as well as the fact I had forgotten to take pics when the light wasn't so naff.
My OH Neil was in a state of paralysis after his eldest Sophie turned 18 yesterday - he just mumbled constantly 'where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday............!'  I guess that's the definition of feeling old then!  
I did some planning this week for some hand crafted gifts that I am going to make for family and friends this year.  Watched lots of tutorials, bought lots of ingredients to make one of gifts that I'm duplicating for sooooo many people, as I think it's a fab pressie for all sorts of peeps!  I am going to have to to lots of taste testing though cos I've found a site with a recipe for a luxury hot chocolate drink aka 'Snowman Soup', but there are loads of reviewers suggesting different quantities to the original and also little additions that enhance the flavour!!!!! 
So I have sourced the following:
Mugs - Ikea lovely smoked glass come in 4 shades 79p each
Marshmallows - tiny mini ones from Whittards large bag should do 10 mugs £3.50
Luxury Chocolate drink -  Made by Whittards bought in Morrisons on offer saving £1  - £1.99
Mint Chocolate Stirring Sticks - M&S on offer buy one get one half price £2.99 each

There are other ingredients but I'd bought those already.  I have seen this idea on lots of blogs but the Snowman Soup name I must credit to Angie Kennedy Juda (aka chic'n'scratch).  There is a label with a poem on Angie's version, I have used poetic licence on mine so it differs a little.
I will post a picture when these are done!  
As I said there are some other things in the pipeline too.  It's so inspiring when you look at all the ideas out there, and I have to do something to reduce the stockpile of paper and card that I will soon be buried under!!!!! I won't buy anymore honest!!!! (Neil reads my blog now so that's for him!)
I have a great craft area that Neil built for me at the bottom off the lower stairs, next to the utility and garage - so no natural light! (We live in a Town house)  We got some tall narrow Billy bookcases from Ikea and with the rest of the space he cleverly built with matching contiboard shelving and went as high as poss. Great but fairly shallow depth!  The desk also from Ikea was white top with separate tubular legs with wheels.  I really wanted the Alex drawer set to store my 12x12 papers, that I have also seen in many other craft areas on many blogs, but space was tight so...... we found one of the shoe cabinets in white the pull down type with 4 sections and my 12x12 papers are mainly in there with the Christmas ones in a Paper Mania storage case under the desk.
It all looked lovely when I first got everything sorted into my new space, then............... I began my Creative Memories experience and had to fit my tote, tools and stock in the space too!  Big squash!  
My biggest problem at the mo, apart from being a really messy worker is - losing things and I have tried re-organising a few things and that hasn't helped much as now l can't even find the things I used to!!!!  Labeling is the key I'm sure and that's my goal - when I have time!
Will clean up and do photos to share I promise.
I've rambled - sorry, time to stop!
Belinda x

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maddy hill said...

tell me about being messy - im the worlds worst ! one card and the whole craft room looks like its 50 crafters have been in there !
love your cards ! very stlyish !