Friday, 7 November 2008

My First Workshop!

I am busy getting ready for my first workshop tomorrow afternoon that I'm holding at my house for my Creative Memories customers.  Goodie bags to prepare, handouts to print and samples to finish! I must say I am really looking forward to it though.
I have a small group coming as I didn't want to be overwhelmed first time around.  I started with CM in the beginning of June this year and the format for their parties is 'class based' , the Hostess gets together 5 or 6 friends who each bring 5 or 6 photos and I (being the consultant woo hoo!!) help them make their first Scrapbook page.  First ever 'Class' and I had 9 ladies including the Hostess Arghhhhhhh helpppppp!! It was chaotic but fun, I made mistakes but hey, that's how we learn!
Now we are talking very basic stuff here, which for some of the ladies is all they require, others are a little more creative and want to adapt and develop their own style.  This is where the Workshops come in. This Workshop I will have 2 tutorials available if the ladies wish to join me at the tutorial table (in the lounge)  if not they can beaver on in their own way in the crop room (my kitchen).  The tutorials are 1. Doodles for your pages and 2. Inspiration with Sketches.
There will be a tool table somewhere!!!! -  as you can see this a work in progress!  CM tools are my favourites in Scrapbooking terms.  I love their cutting system it's the best I have and I have many..............!  I have bought several and until I got my CM starter kit I believed that cutting perfect circles was pretty much hit and miss!  The company has just introduced another set of templates Circles and Rectangles and these are my next purchase for my tool kit for definate!!!
The 12" Wavy cutting tool with 2 waves,  a fab Tearing tool a lovely Tag maker I had to have them all obviously.  Commission spent and Craft Room full I am awaiting what will hopefully be a great afternoon - the first of many!!
I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them to show what we did, and I will update on whether my optimism was misplaced !!
Belinda x


Lainy's Little Blog said...

Hope that it went well for you! I almost had a CM party last month bit it was cancelled due to the consultant deciding to change career. The person who was supposed to come instead didn't bother phoning me until two nights before the party was due to go ahead! I wasn't impressed with this, I have to say! It was a pity that it didn't go ahead, but never mind, it just meant that I had pennies to spend on other goodies! lol

Enfys said...

Hope it went really well for you and that you had squillions of sales and more parties booked.