Saturday, 3 January 2009

My Christmas Nigella Moment (well 2 days!)

Well as previously mentioned I did get my mitts on the book that is Nigella's Christmas, and boy was I gonna use it!!  I had spent a small fortune for the previous 2 supermarket visits on seasonal ingredients, and with my heart brimming at the idea of giving homebaked gifts to our lovely neighbours and friends, I began!!  Two days and 6 dishwasher loads later the idea had worn a tad tarnished...........but!  It all tasted fab - I made 'chocolate biscuits with icing sprinkles', 'cranberry christmas morning muffins', 'cranberry mincemeat tarts' and 'christmas puddini truffles'. 
At the end I wrapped and decorated these homemade goodies and added some labels and delivered them with love!!  They were all well received and only one neighbour eluded me and disappeared before I could no choice really when they hadn't returned by Boxing Day we ate them ourselves - um yummy!!!

I think I need a break from being a 'Domestic Goddess'  until Christmas!!

My blog entries are a little like buses none for an age then they all come at once!

Belinda x

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