Saturday, 3 January 2009

So what did you get????

My gosh how long since I posted?????? So..............Happy New Year oh and Merry Christmas oops bit late!!!!
Here is a couple of photos from our first Santa trip with Livvy - she was a little hesitant until she got to knock on the toyshop door to pick a present - then strangely she was very eager!!!
Were you all lucky, did you get what was on your Christmas list?  My list was very short but I got all that was on it so I was a very happy girl - well girl is stretching it 'old girl' would be more appropriate given my age! I got the new Take That CD Circus, the DVD 'Stardust' that had 'Rule the world' as it's soundtrack by Take That (is there a theme here?!), and a Graphics Tablet for my Apple Laptop.  These were the items on my list and I was chuffed to also get Pink's new CD and Rhianna too music wise.  Neil got me an Apple Photo Book with the photos of all the  highlights of 2008 and this was my favourite pressie by far!  Gorgeous piccies of my little Livvy, I can't quite believe the changes in her from January 2008, It's not until you look at photos you really see how fast they grow.  He has done an amazing job with this book, firstly they are all his photos he has taken, he is always behind that Canon Camera of his, I moan about it at times - but boy am I now pleased that he takes such brilliant pictures at all the important and also unimportant times because all these times are moments to capture for ever - to never forget - to look back on days, weeks, months & years from now and smile and remember!  
I don't believe in New Years Resolutions but I think we can all try to be better at being aware of improving who and how we are - so with that in mind:
no 1. I will (try) not to moan at him when he points that lens at me when I am laughing and enjoying my family and life in general and he captures that moment - I will try not to worry about how many chins I have, or if my nose looks big at that angle (it does at every angle anyway, it's my Dad's nose so.......!!) or that my teeth are crooked!  God now I sound like I look like the 'elephant man'!!!
no 2. I will try to keep on task and not go off on a tangent - very hard for me as I find it impossible to do the short version, and I digress to the point of losing the point all the time, as if you've followed this blog from day 1 you probably already know ( I get this from my Mum.............!!!)
no 3. Take responsibility for my own foibles (sorry Dad, sorry Mum!!) and accept I need to change and to chill.  I will read that time management book that I bought and only flicked through during 2008.  
no 4.  Not leave my craft space in a total tip, thin my overloaded cupboards as I go! Cut down on the purchases, until I am sure I need them (I mean really need them!!)  bit of a large get out clause here!!!!!!

Belinda x

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