Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Busy Weekend & Tagged by Lainy

Well last Friday (24th) was my first 'in a hall' Workshop for Creative Memories and I was chuffed that it was so well attended (12 ladies).  I really enjoyed the evening and met 4 new ladies, some more card makers than scrappers, so with card making being my fave thing too we all got on really well!
Some lovely pages were made and I got a chance to demo some of the new punches, shape cutters and trimmers that I invested in for my workshops.  The evening started for the scrappers at 7:30 and some of the girls left as late as 10:50 so clearing up/locking up and dropping my Mum home I got back home about 20 to midnight! Had a rubbish nights sleep the night before, Livvy awake at 3am until about 5:30 so a bit jaded but sm
iled through the evening - yawning isn't good with new people is it??! 
We have been having broken sleep a lot  recently with Livvy and so I was pretty tired on Saturday morning, but we had arranged to go visit friends that live in Beer in Devon, via Exeter where Crafts4Crafters was being held 24th - 26th.  Creative Memories had a stand there, and I thought I would go and say hi to the girls and see how my papercrafting samples had gone down!  I was worried that I would wander around and get very tempted to spend, but I felt that it was more needlecraft, knitting and stuff and so not too much temptation, but a bit!!!  There were a few things that caught my eye, I gave in to a few, but not all...............!
Got to our friends about 6pm after being picked up after the show, Neil and Livvy had dropped me off earlier in the day and travelled the 20 miles or so on to Beer.  Had the most gorgeous two courses ever and hit the hay - Livvy slept all night must have been the estuary walk that they all had (we seriously doubted that would happen given her pattern at the mo) ironically their little one woke us (all except Livvy) at 5am!!!  Had a great day with our friends a wonderful roast and then headed home.  
It was great to have a change of scenery and it's a really lovely part of the country. The girls got on so well too, we have some really cute pictures of them together Clara was one in October and Livvy just a tad over a year older, soooooo sweet!!!!
Talking of sweet Lainy has tagged me (thanks Lainy!) the challenge being find the 6th Folder in your Photo Library and the 6th photo in that folder
Here it is
This was taken in November 2006 when Livvy was just a couple of months old, seems like forever ago now - where does the time go???????!!!!!!!!
Will pass on tags tomorrow...............hopefully!!

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