Saturday, 17 January 2009

We have the best neighbours!

                       I know Christmas seems a dim and distant memory now, but....... since I am madly making scrapbook and card samples for my Creative Memories business at the mo, I was going through the Christmas pictures and I found this one.  It makes me think how lucky we are to have such great friends that are also our neighbours and how thoughtful people can be. Sam lives next door with her Hubby Ian and they have twin girls soon to be 5, on Christmas Eve Sam arranged for Santa to leave his footprints on both their path and our path after he had landed with Rudolph and co!  Bit of a skiddy landing as you can see by the marks left.  I don't know the stopping distance for a sleigh but I think Santa may have been exceeding the speed limit a little, he was in a big hurry though so I guess it was understandable!  Anyway, Livvy thought it was great but was a little bemused when the footprints were still on the ground over a week later. Sam explained to us that they were talc and as it had been so cold and with no rain there they had stayed. All gone now though as the wet stuff returned last week.
I'm having fun making up the samples, they are for my CM Director to use at a show next month.  I can appreciate now when I read on others blogs the difficulties in being DT members and working with a kit and not being able to dip into your stash.  I have tried to pack all my other stuff away and just stick with CM stuff.  Tool-wise it's easy as the cutting system is fab, in fact it was what sold me on becoming a consultant.  I had purchased so many circle cutters and been disappointed every time (I am a huge circle fan)  I know Nesties are great too but costly and I would end up buying all of them without my cutting system, and not everyone wants a die cutting machine do they?  I have just ordered the new Squares and Rectangles set from CM and am looking forward to getting going with it, it will cut 18 different nesting shapes as does the Circle set amazing until you hear that the Oval cuts 24 nesting shapes.  They are my best CM products no doubt.  I do love the Tag Maker it's a close runner up, there could be some competition for the runner up spot though I have also ordered the new Sweetheart shapemaker which looks fab and is really versatile.  I am a bit buzzy about CM at the moment (in case you didn't notice!!)  I went to a training day last Saturday and it was a brill day and got me even more inspired and excited about new product lines that have just been launched and all the lovely stuff in the pipeline.  The Hostess programme has been recently changed and is really brill too.  I have a number of friends that work with or Host party plan (direct sales companies) and we all try and go to each others parties in order to support each other, but Anne Summers, Pampered Chef, Virgin Vie, Body Shop and Candlelight have been in my diary in the last year and none of them have such generous Hostess Rewards.  So with a new year and with renewed vigour I am happy to be focusing my energies on being a very active Creative Memories Consultant.
Belinda x

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Lovely picture. Hope you are well. I have a little something for you on my blog. Hugs, Lainy xx