Sunday, 5 October 2008

Family Fun with Thomas

Today Neil and I took Livvy (just turned two) to see her current TV favourite - Thomas the Tank Engine at Bitton Railway Station.  The Fat Controller for those less sizist -  Sir Topham Hat shook her hand and she pretended to be coy!!!!!!! She's so loud normally that anyone who knows her can see through her little ploy!  In fact if they had seen her a 1/2 hr later yelling at the top of her voice in the shop when I wrenched the Thomas umbrella from her grasp, they would know the truth!!!  Anyways she loved our steam train journey as did we highly recommended!
Over the next week or so I plan to share some of my past stuff here and see what you think!!  I will also share some stuff about what's happening in life with me and mine!!  I also hope to set up an area of my blog that will be for the customers present and future of my Creative Memories Business.  This will let my customers know when I have offers and about Workshops, Open House Events and all things Scrapbooking relating to my Business, so watch this space!
Belinda x

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