Thursday, 9 October 2008

Hello Mum!!

I must start this post with a shout out to my Mum (Joy).  I gave her the info over the phone of the Blog address, but...............when I arrived at hers the following day, she informed me that my Blog didn't exist!  Mum is fairly new to computers and my Brother set her and Dad up earlier this year with a Mac, wow , great I hear you say - ummmmm yes, well!!!!! Turns out that she had been popping a space in between the words in the blog address, ahhhhhh bless!!  It's not just the over 60's though, Neil had to rescue his Brother on Tuesday who had been trying to use a portable internet device on his PC for 2 days insisting that he couldn't get on the internet with it and it was 'rubbish' , however when Neil checked he had been typing in www.goggle!!  When Neil had stopped rolling around the floor in hysterics he told Chris what he was doing wrong!!!  So middle aged and senior aged (I'm being tactful here because she's reading this!) we can all have a bit of technical difficulty from time to time!

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